Abmat Silt Fence Green/Black 860mm x 50m

Stop Silt and Prevent Erosion


Abmat Silt Fence provides a low-cost sediment barrier solution to prevent erosion, keeping silt in place when soil is being disturbed by development.

Abmat Silt Fence is a great low cost, temporary sediment barrier solution. While generally used on construction or landscape sites, Abmat Silt Fence is perfect for any application where control of erosion and sediment is required.

If you are completing land excavation or general construction, Abmat Silt Fence can protect the water in your swimming pool and nearby streams or lakes from dirty sediment, potentially saving you hundreds in clean up costs. Abmat Silt Fence is UV stabilised to last in the hot Australian sun and is made from a high quality, heavy-duty fabric that won’t break down easily. The next time you are renovating, make sure you prepare with Abmat Silt Fence!

  • 90gsm
  • UV stabilized
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