Abshade Solarfilm 200um 8.5m x 500m

Durable Greenhouse Film

Solarfilm is the perfect solution for lining commercial and domestic greenhouses. The material has high puncture resistance, high tensile strength and features self-cleaning additives that help repel dust and dirt. Incorporated UV agents reduce UV damage to the film and the covered plants.

Solarfilm is a top quality, UV stabilised greenhouse plastic film designed specifically for Australian conditions. Solarfilm has excellent high puncture resistance, meaning less risk of damage during installation and storms. Solarfilm has high tensile strength, which decreases the risk of failures along the folds of your greenhouse covers and improves the amount of tightness you can achieve when installing the film.

The best UV stabilisers have been incorporated into the film to give maximum life in the harshest conditions, this also significantly reduces the amount of UV light transmitted into the hothouse resulting in reduced damage to your plants, lower temperatures and safer conditions for you.

Solarfilm has an anti-static surface to help repel dust and dirt thus ensuring higher light transmissions for longer, this coupled with anti-drip and anti-fog additives make Solarfilm a market leader!
A 2 year UV warranty is offered on Solarfilm, with care and proper installation a much longer life can be achieved.

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